Areas of Practice

Airplane Crashes

If a loved one is injured or tragically killed in an airline accident, the victim’s family is faced with many challenges. Initially there are an overwhelming number of questions that must be answered. Ultimately the questions come down to, “Why did this happen?”. There are of course numerous federal and local government agencies that devote tireless effort in pursuing the truth about an airplane crash. Often their answers educate but do not comfort the families of those who have been brutally affected.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries bring with them a whole host of problems affecting every aspect of a survivor’s life. The physical, psychological, social and vocational effects of burn related injuries can be devastating to survivors and to their families. AGF works with its clients to identify the best possible treatment during the critical phase of recovery and pursue the most effective rehabilitation program to aid in the recovery and assimilation of the burn survivor back into their previous pursuits

Automobile Accidents

Whether you are the victim of a drunk driver or of someone else’s negligence, an automobile accident can result in significant property damage, serious personal injury and major inconvenience. AGF’s attorneys and support staff assist hundreds of clients every year in repairing or replacing damaged property and obtaining thorough medical treatment for their injuries.

Complex Injury/Wrongful Death

AGF’s Complex Injury/Wrongful death cases include injuries resulting from airline crashes, serious automobile accidents, work place injuries, products liability and medical malpractice. AGF is sensitive to the needs of victims and their families, and our attorneys and staff work diligently to make sure that all of those needs are addressed.

Commercial Litigation

AGF’s commercial litigation department represents a broad range of businesses and individuals, including the computer/high tech, healthcare, banking/financial, real estate, manufacturing, retail, advertising and entertainment industries.

Professional Malpractice

Every one of us relies on professionals at one time or another. Each visit to the doctor, every time we engage a lawyer or accountant, when we buy, build or renovate a home, we trust the professionals we have hired to represent our best interests and provide us with effective service.

Business Transactions

AGF provides a wide range of legal services to individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. We serve the needs of both small and growing businesses, ranging from start-up work to complex business transactions, including acquisitions, sales and mergers.

Real Estate/Zoning

AGF’s attorneys have been practicing real estate/zoning law in Maryland since Edward Azrael started practicing in 1930. Over the last 70 years, AGF has represented real estate professionals, developers, builders, property managers, condominium and homeowners’ associations, landlords, tenants, sellers and buyers in almost every type of real estate transaction.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is difficult for several reasons. First, it requires you to focus on some of the unpleasant issues we all face as we get older. Second, effective estate planning requires an attorney who understands the tax and other implications involved in the decisions you make

Family Law

The decision to seek the help of a lawyer in a divorce is difficult. Finding the right person with legal skills and experience to successfully represent your interests but who can also understand the complex and sometimes overwhelming personal issues in a divorce is important.